Baker Spirit, Events, and Trends

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Stuff about that hard-to-define thing called "Baker Spirit", detailed info about significant events, and background info on interesting trends...


Baker House:  It's a community.  350-plus really smart teenagers, with basically no time and (almost) unlimited money.  Plus a building and a room assignments policy that causes the whole dorm to shuffle every year.


What happens when 350-plus MIT students live together?

Crowding, over-crowding

How are the rooms/floors different?

Parties - the largest social community at MIT

Athletics - Everything from "A" league to "D" league

Always being able to find someone else in the dorm taking the same class...


Did You Know? (Baker House Trivia)


Traditions: From cool hacks to borderline hazing

Piano drops

Phone pinning

Penny-ing someone in their room

Showering people, especially Freshman Shower Night (the night before the first 8.01 test)

Water fights, surgical tubing, "mariahs"

The 3-man lift

Annual House awards


One-time hacks/events

1955: May Day Riot

1957: Tuition Riot

1959: Snow Barrier on Memorial Drive

1960: MIT Icicle Association

1968: Snow in 2nd Floor Showers



The Playboy Article: "Technodarlings"

September 1983: What happens when an unsuspecting reporter for Playboy falls into the clutches of a group of Bakerites who are more than willing to tell him what he wants to hear?  
You wind up with an article entitled "Technodarlings", which was in the September 1983 issue of Playboy...



Nerd U

October 1986: Another reporter for another magazine (New England Monthly) discovers that MIT is really intense, and its students are a little different...



Physical and Social Structure in Baker House

December 1971: An interesting -- but somewhat dated (and inaccurate?) -- look at the social structure of Baker House was done in 1970 by R. Philip Dowds as a term paper for 11.34 (Psychology of the Environment).  
It was published in the December 1971 issue of Tech Engineering News.





Random Pictures

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