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amherst alley docs?

client team reports?

Execcon and House Meeting Minutes

Sorted (more or less) by calendar year.  But in random chronological order within the PDF file...


Baker Confidentials

  • (April 8, 1955)
    "[The] Baker House Committee ... next discussed the publication of a dormitory handbook to be distributed to freshmen entering Baker House."



  • 1974 (multiple changes due to dorm going co-ed)
  • 1982
  • 1983 (might be the same as the 1982 version)
  • 1997

Purity Tests

Baker Letters

Trivia Quizzes/Contests

  • 1999 (courtesy of Tyler Callahan)
  • 2000 (courtesy of Tyler Callahan)
  • 2001 (courtesy of Tyler Callahan)
  • 2002 (courtesy of Tyler Callahan)




Main Archives

Over 4000 pages of house documents are available in the Baker House Document Archive.



Random Pictures

2006-06-09 09-15-2365 or 66 Mem Drive from Baker 212 snow slidePage 08Pg17