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John Greene asks:

"One thing I am curious about in Baker traditions is the Grotto - remember 'beware the ides of January'? 
At the last reunion, I looked and the key ceremonial site in the west end stairway
had been cleaned up during the renovations. I wonder if this is another lost tradition..."

lapsed by 84

Read about the grotto, the oracle and the diogenesian search for a virgin but was gone by 84 I think


As I recall, the grotto was the night watchman key station in the west stairwell of Baker House, I think on or just below the 3rd floor.  I lived on 3rd West my freshman and sophomore years (1969 - 1971) and remember some sort of faux mystical ceremony, with chalk drawings or symbols displayed on the bricks.  I think the tradition may have started then, but it is possible it had been started before.  At any rate, Tom Pinkowski and Peter Buchanan stand out in my memory as being involved the most.  -- Ken Rosato

Bummer!  Another grand

Bummer!  Another grand tradition cast to the side of the road.  I remember being part of the ceremony in January 1980.  We had a hastily sketched-out script, some cheap sound effects, and used the house sound equipment to allow GOD to communicate with the high-priest and assembled crowd in the Grotto.  There was some pre-ceremonial lubrication as I recall as well.  May still have some incriminating photos of some involved characters as well.  Memory is hazy but do know end result of ceremony was a good showering for the local grease candidates.  "Ah, my children...very good....".
-Jack Martin

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