60th Anniversary Reunion

July 3 - July 5, 2009

This is what the Baker House 60th Anniversary Celebration/Reunion t-shirts look like.

The Baker House 60th Anniversary Reunion Committee has earned the MIT Alumni Association’s 2010 Great Dome Award!

From the MIT Alumni Association:

August 19, 2010

Dear members of the MIT Baker House 60th Anniversary Planning Committee:

Congratulations on being part of a group being recognized with the MIT Alumni Association’s 2010 Great Dome Award (formerly known as the Presidential Citation Award)! This year’s awards will be presented in conjunction with the annual Alumni Leadership Conference (ALC) happening here on campus October 22-24, 2010.

Lola M. Ball ’91, SM ’92 and Henry H. Houh ’89, ’90, SM ’91, PhD ’98 have been invited to accept this award on behalf of the committee. I hope you can be present to share in the celebration and applause.

The awards will be presented by Anne Street ’69, SM ’72, president of the Alumni Association, along with MIT President Susan Hockfield and EVP and CEO of the Alumni Association, Judy Cole.

Sarah Hendrick
MIT Alumni Association

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