Baker House - The Historical Collection

This site has a bunch of stuff relating to Baker House, or more officially “The Everett Moore Baker House of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology”. Baker House is one of the undergraduate dorms at MIT, but it's more than just a pile of bricks designed by a pretty good architect and named after a pretty nice guy.

For us, Baker House was home. The friends we made there helped keep us sane during our stay at MIT. And a lot of those friendships are still going strong, long after leaving MIT and Baker House – on our way to conquering the world…

The “Baker Spirit” lives on !

High-resolution panorama: June 9, 2019
(This might take a while to load…)

Alvar Aalto: The man who dreamed up a home for us…

Everett Moore Baker: The place is named is his honor…

Building W7 (the building itself)

Baker Spirit

Timeline: When did that happen?

Pictures: Mostly historical. And we're still looking for the House Slide Collection…

"I Remember When...": Stories, memories, reminisces…

Who's Who

Documents: 4000-plus pages of house documents

Giving: How to give back to Baker House. A listing of many options…

Nocturnal Workaholics

From the website:

“The Massachusetts Institute of Technology chose beavers a century ago as mascots because, like MIT students, they were skilled engineers and nocturnal workaholics.”

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